Our stunning 'liquid metal' infused oak table, made to order at the size you require. Solid Oak throughout with resin mixed with real metal powder. Pictures do not do this justice... It is stunning!

Hand made bespoke, we age the oak to deliberately crack then fill these cracks with resin and metal in a colour of your choice, so the infil could be copper, steel or even a colour just let us know what you desire to create a real talking point. We create a 'shoulder' on the solid oak legs then cut holes to accept these through the top so you can see the top of the table legs, then simply drop the top over the solid legs.

Solid Oak 'liquid metal infused table'

  • This item is made to order and is time consuming and very labour intensive to make. Hence delivery times can vary depending on the size of table you require. We cannot rush making this item, these are real one off statement pieces, we consider it to be a work of art.