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Bespoke Kitchens

Our individual signature furniture collections draw upon decades of design inspiration.

We design and manufacture bespoke contemporary and traditional kitchen furniture with an unusual edge, exploring, sourcing and updating original materials. 

Eden Manor's uniqueness is based on originality of design and maintaining a premium standard of hand craftsmanship.
Our production philosophy includes a high level of handwork alongside embracing new technologies.
Utilising traditional methods to produce unusual, unique limited edition runs and one off furniture pieces.


We have been creating stunning joinery work in this area for over 30 years, our experience is second to none in this area.

We do not just create boxes to fit on walls, we instead tailor all our bespoke work to your individual requirements. Products that not only stand the test of time but should serve for decades to come.

Creating ease of access with stunning good looks, transforming spaces into show pieces.

We utilise a combination of cutting edge CNC machinery with traditional hand methods to create accuracy and craftsmanship that is hard to beat.

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Traditional Bespoke Kitchen

Eden Manor's bespoke kitchens are synonymous with flawless design ingenuity and hand-held service.


Thrilling, artful, instinctive and creative, a leader in 21st-century fitted furniture design and manufacture, keeping its artisan roots in plain sight.


Handmade Kitchens

We work together with our clients to design and then make a unique, lovingly crafted composition in wood

We create a kitchen to fit the style of your home, be it Gothic, Contemporary, New England or hand painted in any colour.

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Modern Bespoke Kitchens

Inspired by the latest trends the Eden Manor modern collection is created for the more discerning customer with unique designer aesthetics, completely bespoke, any size can be created and never compromised. Using the latest materials and designs we are always at the forefront of modern design, creating beautiful room settings.


When we mention style, we are never talking about just one thing. There are such a vast amount of looks that can be judged on style and therefore  surely it would be impossible to pigeonhole you into just one of them, we are after all individuals with many aspects to be taken into consideration.

Your style - The style of your home - What look are you trying to create? A kitchen as a homely centre where people gather whilst cooking, or an extension to your living space. That's where our design flair comes into its own.

In fact, with such a variety of fashion genres, wouldn’t it make more sense to merge them and create something truly modern and stylish? Designing your kitchen in the same way chefs design a plate of food, for instance, could be a huge change in the way we view and apply a touch of style into our lives.

Are you trying to create a timeless classical traditional look - practical yet beautiful.
​With our design experience we can help you create that perfect style for your home.