About Us

Welcome to Eden Manor Bespoke.

We have decades of experience in joinery and other luxury items for the home. Our individual signature furniture collections draws upon decades of design inspiration.
We design and manufacture bespoke contemporary furniture and home items with an unusual edge, exploring, sourcing and updating original materials. 

Eden Manor's uniqueness is based on originality of design and maintaining a premium standard of hand craftsmanship.
Our production philosophy includes a high level of handwork alongside embracing new technologies.
Utilising traditional methods to produce unusual, unique limited edition runs and one off furniture pieces.

Our Core Values


We invite you to join us on your steps to producing your bespoke furniture, on which we will work hand in hand with you along the way – Through the manufacturing stages all the way to delivery and installation from our highly professional team.


Creating a unique furniture item could be a difficult task. However at Eden Manor bespoke creating the perfect dream design that you wanted is made easily possible. We look forward to working closely together with you and create that missing piece for your home.


Yes we are time served craftspeople but we are not afraid to embrace new technology and  have invested heavily in our CNC technology and workshop facilities enabling us to create stunning items that are not just beautiful to look at but also beautifully and accurately made.

Eden Manor is led by Tony Vogel being fourth generation in fine cabinet making and furniture design, has an interior design background and started making furniture from an early age in the family business. 

"I most enjoy exploring organic, nature inspired form, and the idea of form as an intuitive language which evokes an emotive response, I love the visual as well as the tactile"

Introducing new and innovative creative modern materials and methods producing exquisite designs which are both tactile as well as visually pleasing.

All our furniture is proudly made in Britain in our own workshops, handmade - bespoke to order, we can create a solution for any size or shape of room.