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The possibilities really are ENDLESS

All our work is crafted with an attention for the finest details and made to measure in our workshop

Durable, High Quality Materials

We source the best suited woods and materials for each individual project. From aged Bog Oak to MDF we cater for all customers needs


We offer fully bespoke creations and design services to all our customers

Experienced Staff

With years of knowledge and experience within our team we assure our customers they are getting the best advice and support for each project.


Cutting edge CNC Machinery

These incredible bits of kit allow us to cut and route everything from highly intricate designs, to mass produced parts and sustain pin point accuracy within each cut 


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your furniture made?

We make all our own furniture right here in our workshops in Shropshire, we are proud that everything is made in Britain.

Can you make any size furniture?

All our furniture is made specifically for each project so we can match shape, size colour and finish to the needs of the user.

Where do your materials come from?

We believe that longevity and sustainability go hand in hand, which is why everything we build is built to last. We try to ensure that all timber comes from sustainable sources. We utilise only the best materials available, for example all our hinges and runners come with a manufacturer lifetime guarantee.

What materials do you work with?

We work with a wide range of materials, we work a lot with Birch ply but we enjoy incorporating stone, glass and resin into our designs. Recently we have acquired some rare genuine Bog Oak (carbon dated to 4300 years old) or some rare reclaimed materials, in other words whatever your project requires.

Are your products handmade?

Are your products handmade? Our manufacturing process combines advanced technology with traditional joinery techniques. This approach guarantees precision, minimises waste and results in incredible durable cabinetry that will last a generation and beyond.

How do you work with customers?

We design furniture and cabinetry that satisfies our customers needs, we offer a discreet service that values modesty, honesty and efficiency, in both our products and the relationship with our customers.


First, it’s important to clarify something: as an example you will find a cheaper kitchen elsewhere. What you are less likely to find is one that is better-made, longer lasting, more thoughtfully designed or built from higher quality materials. Every piece of furniture is individually designed from scratch by experienced designers (not salespeople with software). We do not use pre-existing templates or modules: each component is professionally designed and build bespoke for your space.

Do you care about the environment?

We are passionate about the environment, that is why we use superior sustainable materials that can be remodelled as fashions change. This ensures our furniture stands the test of time. We also offer our ‘Naked Delivery’ keeping packaging to a minimum and offering a personal delivery. We keep processing waste to an absolute minimum by using latest technology processes.

Can I fit some of your furniture myself?

Absolutely, by the time our furniture arrives at your home most of the hard work should already be done. Some experienced qualified fitters are able to install some of our products, however, please ensure they are fully experienced as usually a high level of skill is required for the final installation. Please ask as some installs are easier than others.

Do you require a deposit?

Of course, we make only bespoke projects to your requirements this makes it impossible to sell on to others, therefore we do ask for a non-refundable deposit once work has commenced. The percentage depends upon the scale of the project but all cost are worked out before commencement of any works or before any deposits are taken.

Do you export?

Yes, we do but we would require payment in full in advance of export orders.

What is the timescale from placing an order?

Timescales vary depending on how many and the complexity of any orders ahead of us. Usually a minimum of 8 – 12 weeks, however small items may be available much sooner as well as obvious small stock items in our shop.

If an item in your shop shows as sold, can you make another one or alter one to suit?

Usually we can make another one or alter an item at a specific size, sometimes when we do see a rare or unusual one off material item which we will purchase we cannot make another one as it is a true one off. This is usually the case with resin and river tables as each one is bespoke and individual. But it is always worth asking.